Tuesday, January 27, 2009


An older picture of Granpa holding Elyn
Merry Christmas Everyone

One shot of the tounge, when he sticks it out further its even funnier

Another shot of the tounge

Mark, his nephew Karson who is 1 month older than Elyn, and Elyn

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Small Update

I know I just wrote but just some small things that are exciting.

Elyn has discovered his tounge and sticks it out all the time. It is pretty funny to watch, I am working on getting a picture of that so that will but up soon.

The other thing is he is saying Mama, I don't think he connects mama to me but he knows if he says mama he gets attention.

Like I said just some small updates.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Right before getting sealed

Such a cute family

Some of my sisters thought that Elyn looks like Sweet Pea off of Popeye, I think they are right

Catch up, what happened around the holidays

Sorry I haven’t written lately, just been busy. What’s new. December 6th Mark and I went to the temple and took our endowments out. Not only was that day exciting for the temple but it was busy and exciting for another reason. The night before we went out to dinner with my family and I had gotten steak stuck in my throat but didn’t know for a fact that it was stuck so all night I was throwing up trying to get it out. I didn’t get much sleep, then in the morning we went to the ER in American Fork. It turned out I would have to get put under anesthesia and a scope put down my throat, but the doctor that had to do it wouldn’t be there till 11 and we had to be to the Salt Lake Temple at 1:30. Any ways the whole procedure took only 15 minutes and we were able to get to the temple on time.

When we went to Panama, and on December 30th Mark, Elyn and I got to be sealed for time and all Eternity. But that’s not the end of the story. The morning we were suppose to get sealed I woke up with a stomach flu. I was really sick so Mark, Isaac, Casey, and I went to the store to get some coke and medicine, and Mark ended up buying beer also. Now don’t get the wrong idea. Mark was bumped into the beer and knocked off a 12 pack and had to buy it. Sadly he was wearing the same shoes at the store with the beer spilled on it as he was to the temple. Luckily they didn’t smell like beer when we went to the temple. Anyways about me being sick it was a testimony builder, once again something happening that could cause us not to be in the temple. I was really sick the whole 2 hour ride to the temple but as soon as I stepped foot into the temple my sickness was gone and I was just hungry, again.

Some new things that are happening with Elyn are he is now going from back to stomach and will stay on his hands and knees for a little. We just need him to start crawling. He teeth that were going up and down still have not broke through but they were trying again this week. He is laughing and is a chatter box. He is very happy and loves to smile and laugh with me while I’m working and he is in is bouncer across the room.

We are a happy family, and are doing great.