Saturday, September 27, 2008

More Pictures

playing with daddy
His new baseball outfit

His Blessing outfit

Elyn's Baby Blessing

On September 21, 2008, Elyn Heston Brown was blessed by his father. But that's not it. That day was a very interesting day. We get to church and of course between Mark's and my family we take up most the benches on the side. The bishop gets up to do the announcements and tell everyone that we were going to bless Elyn, and the next announcement was that sewer was coming up from some of the drains so after the sacarement was given everyone had to evacuate the building for health reasons.

So it was a great day, we blessed him, took the sacarement, and then we got to go home. Like I said a very interesting day.

The bear story

Katie suggested that I tell about the bear. Well on his first camping trip, we went in the Beaver Mountains somewhere so that Mark could go prospecting for gold (his new hobby). Anyways during the day I would stay at camp and he would go up the creek prospectiny. He left me with his 303 british military gun, which is a rifle, and a hand gun incase bears come into the camp. Before he left he reassured me that in the many years that he has camped there he has never seen a bear there. Well later on when he got back and we were about to go to bed he says " Guess what I saw? A black bear 50 feet from me! But we were upwind from the bear so Chevy (our dog) didn't smell him or see him or anything. Cool huh."

Cool, right. So now that I know there are bears within walking distance from camp scares me. Then Mark starts to put all the food and everything in the bed of the truck and says he's putting it there so if the bear does come he will go to the truck instead of the tent. So now I'm even more scared because Mark is doing more things in case a bear comes, and in my mind that ment he thinks a bear will come. Let me tell you this stress is not good for a new mother. We go to bed and the whole night I'm scared that Elyn's cry in going to bring in a bear, or the music thing we have to put him to sleep is going to bring in a bear, or my biggest fear was that a bear might smell milk (since I'm nursing) and come into the tent. In the middle of the night I had to wake up and Nurse and since I was scared that the bear would smell the milk and come I asked Mark to stay up with me, and then I heard a growl, and I got really scared. It sounded really close and still Chevy hasn't moved. So I ask Mark, and I'm pretty much in tears now, what was that and he says "I farted." Needless to say I didn't get much sleep that night. Oh also we are sleeping next to a stream so every so often I would hear the rocks moving in the stream and would think it was an animals footsteps.

The next day I was still alittle on the edge, so when Mark left again to go prospecting I kept hearing those dang rocks and thinking it was some animal so I grabed Elyn and we sat in the truck with the windows up so that bears couldn't get us. And yes Mark made fun of me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Elyn's first couple of months

The first funny story happened before he was born. I was probabally about 8 months pregnant, and Mark was talking to Elyn through my belly, so his face was really close, and Elyn kicked really hard and hit Mark in the face. Mark's jaw was hurting because of how hard Elyn kicked.

On June 27, 2008 at 5:21 pm Elyn Heston Brown was born. He was early because of some high blood pressure problems I was having. He weighed 6 lbs 3 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. I was in labor for 12 1/2 hours, but only in hard labor for 5 minutes. He was completely healthy.

He started rolling onto his side from his back when he was only two days old. When he was a month old he was holding up his head, trying to stand (with our help of course) and at 2 months was trying to sit up. For his 8,9, and 10th week birthdays we went camping. One thing I have learned about Elyn, he loves to sleep with lots of noise. He sleeps better if there is noise. If it is quiet he will only sleep for 10-15 mins usually, expect for at night.

He is now almost 3 months and is moving enough to fall of the couch when I'm not looking, (my bad, good to know) and he loves to stand, or try to sit up by himself. I think that if he was able to have the balance, and his way, he would be standing and sitting up by himself. So in the last couple days he has been teething, his one little tooth his going up and down poor kid, and he won't let me put him down. This morning I put him in his swing so that I could take a shower when he was awake and when I got out I quietly peeked into his room and he must of heard me or something (I thought I was quiet) because he looked at me and he had this look like "are you really going to make me sit here?" It was a cute look.

Well that's all I can think of right now, I will try to post more stories now that I finally got this started.