Thursday, August 6, 2009

Elyn is 1!!!

Elyn turned 1 a month ago. It was so hard for me to have him turn 1. I know that he didn't change much just a number but that fact that he his getting more and more independent scares me. He is not a baby anymore, he is a little boy.

So much has happened in the last couple of months, I'm sad that most the pictures I have of him growing up and are funny are on my phone that just crapped out on me. So future note for me "take pictures with the real camera!!!!"

Anyways back to Elyn... He has 6 teeth now, 4 on top and 2 cute little teeth on the bottom and let me tell you they HURT!! One of his favorite things to do when he is mad is to bite mom. He never bites Mark, only me.

His 1st birthday was fun! We had a small celebration at Lake Powell with the Morrell side and then we had a celebration on his birthday with the Brown side. He had a lot of fun. We celebrated his cousins Karson's 1st birthday the same day and they had a blast. They got a cake all to them selves to dig in. Karson was shoving the cake into his mouth and Elyn just played in it and flung it everywhere.

About 2 weeks ago we were up visiting Grandpa and Grandma Morrell and Elyn fell down the stairs for the first time. Horrible experience but he got over it in about 60 seconds and it took me a half hour. I guess some sense was knocked into him because he started to walk a half hour after he fell (which is why I got over the fall) :)

We went to CA to hang out with Mark while he was working and went to the Sequioa National Park and saw the really big trees. That was really cool! As you can see Mark doesn't seem like that big of a guy next to these trees.

Elyn is still trying the walking thing but perfers to crawl because it is faster but every day he gets more and more confident in walking and I'll catch him walking even with out us there to encourage him.

He is getting so big, it melts my heart when he says mommy. Even though a lot of things are mommy to him but it is nice to hear my name. It brings me even closer to him. He also says dadda, hi, no, and he did say nigh nigh once.