Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Time is flying by too fast, Elyn has his first tooth, and he can stand by himself now (only for acouple of seconds). He likes to stand up to things now but he hasn't quite figured out how to do that, so he screams at me until I pick him up and stand him next to whatever he wants to stand up to. I know spoiled kid! He has had a blast here living with Cherish and her family for a while, he loves Eva and always malls her, but she does it right back so it evens out. Eva loves to kiss Elyn, in Church she took Elyn's binki for him so she could kiss him on the lips. We will have to watch out for these kissing cousins. :) Elyn is getting so fast with his army crawl I forget how fast he is until he is almost in trouble. oops. But it is sure fun to watch him grow. Here are so more fun pictures.

Elyn in his cowboy outfit, boots and all.

Eva taking over Elyn's carseat as a Chair to watch TV
Elyn and Eva going down the Slide together.


Katie said...

Cute, cute! Love the cowboy outfit! He´s so cute!

Destiny said...

I miss my Elers!! Give him lots of kisses for me! He is so cute with Eva! I bet "E" earns you points with that little cutie too!

Janna Morrell said...

I can't believe he is so grown up already!! He'll be walking before he fully crawls! Ok.. maybe not but he is really progressing. Those boots are adorable!! I'm so happy you could have these great times with Cherish's family. You will treasure these as they may not ever happen again. Love, Janna-Grams

Morrell Family said...

I am looking at your blog right now Heidi while your kid is killing my plants! But I love having you guys here!