Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Elyn is our Army boy

Lots are happening with our little boy! He has two teeth and at the same time he is doing the army crawl learning how to crawl on his hands and knees and he is starting to crawl around furniture! WOW! It's fun but hard to watch him grow up. He has been saying "mamama" but I think he is starting to get what it means. He now will say "mamma" and "dadda" and "no no" after I have said it a couple of times. He also has learned how to throw tantrums :( not so fun. The other day we were shoping at cosco with Cherish, Katie and their little girls and they have sample foods all over the place. Elyn was sitting next to Eva in the cart and stole Eva's chip and then screamed at me when I tried to give it back to her. He would grab it out of my hand before it got to Eva. So I gave in and gave it to him and the started going again and then he started to scream again! I look to see what his problem was and he dropped in on the ground. I can't believe food can cause this much issues in a 9 month old. He shouldn't be loving food that much already. Oh well he is he father's son.

Below I've posted some pictures and Videos of Elyn in his Army outfit doing his army crawl. Katie suggested I do this before he quit doing it and I'm so glad I took her advise. Thanks Kate!


He didn't like the grass so he wouldn't do the army crawl.


Janna Morrell said...

This is hilarious. You'll be so glad you have these videos!

I remember Casey picked his life-long favorite stuffed animal when he was only 10 months. He was in the grocery cart when we passed these little stuffed white dogs on display. He screamed and cried until I went back and he pointed and and grunted until I gave in and let him hold the stuffed animal. That was a mistake.. he would never let it go! He slept with that thing until he was about Twelve and wore it's poor nose and ears out. He'd bring me the dog about once a year for repair. He still has it! So where am I going with this? Never underestimate the desires of a 9 or 10 month old!

Christy said...

At first when I saw it, I thought it was a dog! But then I realized it was a baby army guy! Love, Christy

Destiny said...

How cute!! Way good idea to have videos of him doing the Army crawl in his Army clothes! We shoul put it to some dramatic music and send it to guys in the Army- they would love it! Super cute! Sorry I is throwing fits- not looking forward to that one ;) Cute cute!!

Veronica said...

Soo Cute!!!!!
Love the army outfit!

Katie said...

Cute Heidi, it´s an adorable video, way to take some good advice ;). So the little tantrum in Costco was nothing, I didn´t even think of it as a tantrum when we were there. They get worse, yay! haha. Enjoy him while he´s little.