Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Here is a movie I made of Mom for Mother's Day. I heard this song and felt like I had to make it. Even though it was a very frustrating experience I loved every minute of it. This video is not ment to make you sad it is to encourage and make you feel good. That she is ok and that we don't need to worry 'bout her. I hope you enjoy this and please share this with any one that you think will benifit from it. Thanks, love Heidi.


Daddy said...

This is great! It brought back a lot of really sweet memories to me.
Thanks for doing it.
I don't worry about her ;)

Katie said...

Thanks for putting that together Heid, it is a sweet video. I don't worry about her but I sure miss her alot!

Destiny said...

Heidi! That is beautiful. I sat here and watched it with Tyce so he could see Nana and he loved it too. And- yes- I'm crying- but good tears. I miss her too.

Thanks Heidi!

P.I. Black slash said...

Heidi this was amazing, you have always done such full hearted things for mothers day, thank you for this it was exactly what I needed/wanted right now. I miss her so much. I should not have seen this at work though but the members enjoyed it too. Thanks again

ponys_girl said...

hey girl you have a talent...that tugged at my heartstrings...your mom was one of the most incredible women i have ever had the pleasure to know...there will never be anyone like her and i am blessed to have the memories of her that i do...i love you guys so much